26 Jan 2015


Over the past 5 years, the club has been using XARA uniforms. It has come to our attention that our current uniform kit will no longer be available for purchase. Due to the lack of available uniforms, all players are required to purchase an entirely new uniform kit. This will begin during the FALL 2015 season registration. As a convenience,  the CHSC would like to subsidize part of the cost of the uniform. During the Fall 2015 registration the full uniform kit will cost $40. It will consist of one blue jersey, one white jersey, shorts, and socks.

To lessen the inconvenience of uniforms being phased-out, the CHSC has adopted the new policy requiring all players to purchase a new uniform every two years.

7 Jan 2015

Spring Registration Now Open

Registration for the Spring 2015 Season is now open.

Travel Registration closes January 24, 2015 and Intramural closes February 28, 2015.

6 Jan 2015

Club News

The Board meets the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm at Borough Hall. Everyone is welcome to come and bring ideals, share information, concerns etc. Our meeting this month, was changed to Wednesday, January 14th,
at 7:30 pm at Borough Hall.

We are going to try and send out one monthly email after the Board meetings to keep everyone in the Club up to date with any new information.