• Is my child old enough to play?
    CHSC follows the same birth date cut-off deadline as the School District follows for kindergarten registration. Your child must turn 5 by September 1 at the start of the fall season to be eligible to play Smurfs.

  • At what level will my child play?
    Find your child’s birthday below and where it falls is the program in which they will be registered.

      • Smurf (born between 8-1-05 & 9-1-06)
      • U8 Boys & Girls (born between 8-1-03 & 7-31-05)
    • TRAVEL
      • U9 (born between 8-1-02 & 7-31-03)
      • U10 (born between 8-1-01 & 7-31-02)
      • U11 (born between 8-1-00 & 7-31-01)
      • U12 (born between 8-1-99 & 7-31-00)
      • U13 (born between 8-1-98 & 7-31-99)
      • U14 (born between 8-1-97 & 7-31-98)
  • When can I register my child to play?
    You must register your child for the Spring and Fall seasons separately. Spring registration usually begins in mid-December while Fall registration begins in March.

  • Can players outside of the Camp Hill area join CHSC?
    Yes. All players, regardless of residency, are welcome to register.

  • Is the CHSC program co-ed?
    The Smurf (U6) age group is co-ed. U8, U9 & Up play in gender specific programs.

  • When does the season begin?
    Typically games begin in the Fall season the weekend after Labor Day for the U8 and above age groups. Smurf (U6) games begin the two Fridays following Labor Day. The Spring season for U8 and above typically begins the first weekend in April. While Smurfs games begin the second weekend in April. Separate registration is required for both the Fall and Spring Season. Team players, coaches and schedule are subject to change from season to season.

  • On what team will my Smurf or U8 son/daughter be placed?
    The Club use information from the player registration forms to help in dividing up teams. They do their best to keep the teams even with skill and age.

  • What if I would like my child to play on a certain team?
    Requests, for a player to be placed on a certain team or with a certain player, will not be honored when they are putting teams together.

  • When will we know who our child’s coach will be?
    Smurf players will know around the 3rd week in August, U8 players will know around the 1st week in August and the U9 and Up players will know around the 3rd week of June.

  • When are practices and games?
    U9 and up practice 2 or 3 x week at the coach’s discretion and games initially are scheduled for Saturdays but could be during the week if make-ups are required. U8 teams practice 2 x week with games Saturday mornings and Smurf teams practice 1 or 2 x week at the coach’s discretion with games on Friday nights.

  • Where will my child practice?
    Smurf players practice near the Fiala Concession Stand Building, U8 Boys practice at the Dairy Field near the Boro gardens, U8 girls practice at Schaeffer Elementary School and the U9 and up players play at Fiala Fields. Practices for Spring soccer are at the coaches discretion for the U8 and above age groups. While Smurf teams do not practice during the Spring.

  • What do the registration fees include?
    For Smurf and U8 players your registration fee covers referee fees, field maintenance and player, team and insurance fees paid to the Eastern PA Youth Soccer Association. The costs for Smurf and U8 uniforms (shorts, jersey and socks) are collected at the same time as registration.The Travel program registration fee also includes referee fees, field maintenance and player, team and insurance fees paid to the Easter PA Youth Soccer Association. The costs to purchase uniforms are collected separately from the registration fees.

  • Other than the uniform provided by CHSC, is there any other equipment my child will need?
    Your child will need the Club approved uniform, athletic practice apparel, soccer cleats and shin guards.